34 - Pumpkin (non-bleed) - 2oz

34 - Pumpkin (non-bleed)
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This is a color chart for reference only. This picture is representative and may or may not be the true color depending

on the amount of dye used in M-F Plastic.


10/19/16: New M-F Pumpkin is here in stock ready to go.

New Pumpkin is in full current stock and very close to the original, it is 3-4 times stronger from

the M-F original pumpkin years ago and now when poured lighter using less color it shows a blue hue when held to light.

Very beautiful color.


To make pumpkin seed you add black polyester glitter to mimic the pumpkin seed from zoom back in the day.

A new picture will be added very soon and all new colors.

 The confusion ofthe amber and pumpkin is amber looks more like the outside of a pumpkin and the pumpkin is brown by adding the balck glitter as

the seed. At least 20 years ago this color was added, it was a zoom color but may have changed a bit over the 20 years.

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