940BN - Brown Neon

940BN - Brown Neon
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  • Item #: 940BN

This is a color chart for reference only.

This picture is representative and may or may not be the true color depending on the amount of powder used in M-F Plastic.

You may print any pictures of M-F Color Chart Picture Only for your personal use.

M-F does not have a printed version of this Color Chart Picture Only for sale or to send by mail or e-mail at this time.

There are 3 size amounts to purchase from, this is only a Color Chart Picture Only. By adding this item to your cart will show up as  ZERO Dollars as this is not a for sale item.

To purchase M-F Powder Color (2oz., 1/2lb., 1lb.), Please go to Browse Products on the left side of this page, scroll down to Powder Color.

If you would like a small sample you can add this no charge item number to your cart and a small sample will be provided with your order. If we have in stock small samples we will be happy to send you limited amounts. This will be the best way to test our M-F powder colors in your own baits. If we think it will hold up your order we skip the zero dollars items on your order.

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