"EasyStretch" - 4 Gallon

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EasyStretch - 4 Gallon -

The Medium/Firm is by far the most durable plastic we have use in most application, it does take some practice to work this forumula.

EasyStretch Medium/Soft is pretty soft and looses some of the grab and duability of the Medium/Firm and still being field tested. We may decide to go with the MediumFirm only here in the near future.


Features: Medium/Firm

Plastic grabs and holds on hook for extreme long periods of time without slipping, produces longer casting periods, extended trolling times without adjusting trailers. On top of all this great "EasyStretch" is producing more fish per bait making very happy fishermen & ladies. 

To achieve all the great benefits of EasyStretch use a cure time of 4-7 days cure time before bagging or fishing, after 2 days you can add scent and it will absorb to keep your baits scented longer even while fishing. EasyStretch after cured is able to produce all types of fishing methods with endless types of styles of baits keeping durability and great action, I prefer medium/firm for all my personal fishing. 

Features: Medium/Soft

For any micro bubbles Issue try:

Heating pot without high speed stirrer. Shorter heating periods, clean microwaves, clean anchor cups help with any issue that may pop up using the mediumFirm EasyStretch. Try low heat low wattage microwaves or multiple 30 second short burst to adjust temps between plastic and measuring cups- 

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