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 Whether you are one of our valued customers or a first time visitor, we invite you to browse through our site and discover why we are recognized as a top supplier of quality pourable plastics, polyester glitter, plastic lubricant, scented worm oils, scented marinades, liquid colors, powder colors and all accessories for all your soft plastic supplies Worldwide. Thank You for your Business & Patience over the past 47 + years.

M-F Manufacturing Company is the leading manufacturer of up coming exciting new plastisol formulations and liquid colors staying ahead of it's own ledgendary reputation 2017 including the Original Super Soft Plastic, Regular Liquid Plastic and Salt Water Plastic including all soft plastic bait supplies since 1970. With quality and experience of M-F lifetime family business the quality and customer relationship is still a big part of the sucess for M-F Manufacturing of the plastic to this day while keeping up with quality while the industry changes throughout the years we still stand behind and manufacture all M-F plastic.

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Hi Lite Powder - 2oz Jar - Buy 5 get 6th Free Silver Hologram Glitter - 1lb. MF RTV Kit 2lb and Catalyst - Make your own Molds
Hi Lite Powder - 2oz Jar - Buy 5 get 6th FreeDisco Violet Glitter - .015- 2oz. - Sold By Weight New For 2016MF-RTV Silicone Rubber Mold Kit - 2lb. and Catalyst

Disco Violet Glitter - .015- 2oz. - $6.50

MF-RTV2 - $56.00




Liquid Color - 1 gallon
Liquid Color - 1 GallonPlastic Lubricant - 5 Gallons464 Plastic - 5 Gallon - Custom

$79.75 - Gallon Liquid Color

5228PL-5 - $133.00

464 Plastic - 5 Gallon - Special

$143.00 - 464-Plastic-5 Gallon





Medium Sinking Plastic - 5 gallons - Estimated shipping charges $29.00 each
Medium Sinking Plastic - 5 gallonsPlastic Hardener - 5 gallonsPlastic Softener - 5 gallons



M-F Manufacturing Company Home of "THE ORIGINAL" hand poured plastics







Regular Liquid Plastic - 5 gallons - Estimated shipping charges $29.00 each
Regular Liquid Plastic - 5 gallonsSalt Water Plastic - 5 gallonsSinking Softener - 5 gallon

2228LP-5 - $143.00


Sinking Softener - 5 gallon






Soft Sinking Plastic - 5 Gallons - Estimated shipping charges $29.00 each Super Soft Plastic - 5 gallons - Estimated shipping charges $29.00 each
Soft Sinking Plastic - 5 Gallons Super Soft Plastic - 5 gallonsScented Worm Oil and Marinades - 5 Gallons

9128SSP-5 - $143.00

5 Gallons Soft Sinking Plastic

8228SS-5 - $143.00

5 Gallons Super Soft







Regular Liquid Plastic - 55 gallons
Medium Sinking Plastic - 55 gallonsPlastic Lubricant - 55 GallonsRegular Liquid Plastic - 55 gallons

1128MSP-55 - $1214.00

 5228PL-55 - $1214.00

 2228LP-55 - $1214.00




Salt Water Plastic - 55 gallons Super Soft Plastic - 55 gallons
Salt Water Plastic - 55 gallonsSoft Sinking Plastic - 55 gallonsSuper Soft Plastic - 55 gallons

7228SW-55 - $1214.00

9128SSP-55 - $1214.00

55 Gallons Soft Sinking Plastic

8228SS-55 - $1214.00

55 Gallons Super Soft





932AB - Antique Bronze - 1/2lb. 932AB - Antique Bronze - 1lb. 940BN - Brown Neon - 1/2lb.
908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1/2lb.908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1lb.908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1oz. - By Weight

908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1/2lb.

908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1lb.

908BB-1lb - $66.00

908BB - Blue Pearl Brilliant - 1oz.




73 - 96 of 230 items
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