Easy/Stretch - 1 Quart

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Easy/Stretch - 1 Quart - Sinking Plastic


The Medium/Firm is by far the most durable plastic we use in most fishing applications.

Medium/Soft is pretty soft and looses some of the grab and duability of the 1 above but is very easy to use making soft baits.


Features: Medium/Firm

Plastic grabs and holds on hook for extreme long periods of time without slipping, produces longer casting periods, extended trolling times without adjusting trailers. On top of all this great "EasyStretch" is producing more fish per bait making very happy fishermen & ladies. 

EasyStretch after cured is able to produce all types of fishing methods with endless types of styles of baits keeping durability and great action, most prefer medium/firm for personal fishing. 

Features: Medium/Soft

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