Fine Worm Salt - 50lbs

  • Item #: FineWormSalt 32-50lbs

FineWormSalt 32-50lbs

M-F fine and flake worm salt are the top 2 popular grinds of salt used for fishing worms.

New salt blend that has low density, rapid desolving rate, strong durability, great liquid absorbtion with a salty sensation.


Can be added to plastic while heating M-F plastic or added after the bait is poured before or after the plastic cools.


Add 4-6 ounces M-F fine coarse worm salt to 1 quart plastic.

From there you can add the amount of worm salt to your preference.


Following features:

Uniform coverage

Delivers a quick, salty sensation

Exhibits s high surface area

Extremely fine flour salt

Stays suspended longer

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