Laboratory Safety Policies and Information Sheet

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Laboratory Safety Policies and Information Sheet

These safety rules must be observed in the laboratory because while the experiments and techniques used in this course are safe if performed as instructed, accidents can still occur.

Personal Protection

1. Goggle-type eye protection is required for all persons in a laboratory when chemicals are being used anywhere in the laboratory. These goggles must be labeled as providing splash protection and have indirect air vents. Goggles from other UCO chemistry courses should be acceptable. If your goggles were not purchased at Thompson’s Bookstore or the UCO Bookstore, you will need to bring the box to show they provide splash protection. So-called “Shop goggles,” “Lab glasses” and “Visorgogs” are not to be used because they do not provide sufficient splash protection. If the goggles have been tampered with (such as removing the vent plugs), they may not be used in lab. If you are unsure whether your eye protection is suitable for use in the lab, consult the instructor.The Chemistry Department no longer will loan goggles to students, so if you forget yours, you will need to purchase a new pair at either the UCO Bookstore or another college bookstore.

2. Adequate foot protection must be worn at all times. Footwear must cover the entire foot, so sandals, slides, crocs, etc. are not allowed. Shoes or boots with leather uppers are recommended.The Chemistry Department no longer loans out shoe covers. Students without appropriate footwear are not allowed to participate in lab.

3. Clothing must provide sufficient body coverage to help protect against spills and spatters. Pants, skirts, etc. must cover the leg. Shirts and blouses must cover the midriff and shoulders (no tank tops, spaghetti-strap tops, etc.). The Chemistry Department no longer loans out warm-up pants or lab smocks. Students without appropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate in lab. Students may bring “warm-up” pants to wear during lab.

4. Long hair should be tied up and long, loose sleeves should be secured. Artificial fingernails are quite flammable, so if you wear them, exercise caution.

5. Contact lenses, especially soft lenses, can trap irritating vapors against the eye. It is highly recommended that glasses be worn instead of contacts when in the laboratory.

    I Do Wear Contact Lenses
  I Do Not Wear Contact Lenses


 I am aware of the dangers of wearing them in the laboratory. If I choose to wear contact lenses in the laboratory, I take full responsibility for my actions in going against the recommendation of the chemistry department in this regard

  Does Not Appy

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