MF-RTV Silicone Rubber Mold Kit - 2lb. and Catalyst

MF RTV Kit 2lb and Catalyst - Make your own Molds
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MF-RTV Silicone Rubber Mold Kit - 2lb. and Catalyst  - Make your own Molds

Shelf Life

The shelf life of the uncured material is 6-8 months. The “library” life, that is the life of the cured silicone, varies from product to product, and you should check with the factory.

Versatile Application

Silicones offer excellent release characteristics, ideal for casting epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and other plastic parts. The compounds will bond to primed surfaces. Silicone rubbers cure in deep sections as needed for electrical potting and encapsulating, casting rubber parts and flexible prototype tooling.  Their unique physical properties also make them well suited for the special effects industry and as medical simulators.  

Chemical Resistance

Silicones resist acids, bases, solvents, chemicals, oils and water.

Silicone rubber is used primarily in the mold-making industry. Silicone molds are durable, simple to construct and use, and suitable for most casting materials.

Silicone rubber is used in the electronics industry for potting and encapsulation.  Silicones used to encapsulate electronic parts must maintain their properties over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Physiologically Inert

Used extensively in medical applications, silicone rubbers have caused no adverse health reactions in clinical testing or field application.

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