Plastic Lubricant - 55 Gallons

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M-F Plastic Lubricant formulation helps keep worms and all other soft plastic baits softer and pliable for a lifelike feel. Also used to prevent worms from clinging to each other, facilitate packaging.

M-F Plastic Lube is great to use on all aluminum injectors, o-rings and aluminum molds. Add a few drops in your injector to make injectors perform smoother from any grabbing action, great for safety precautions.

The is a low to no odor Plastic Lubricant, a little goes along way.


  • M-F Plastics have been Phthalate free for over 53 years along with M-F Plastic Lubricant


M-F Plastic Lubricant recommended uses:

Compatible for all M-F plastics and liquid plastic colors.

Use for facilitating of plastic worms including adding to finished M-F plastic baits.

Lubrication for  aluminum injectors and cleaning aluminum molds.


M-F plastic Lubricant not recommended for:

Hard bait that contains glue on spinners homemade or store bought.

When buying 55 gallon plastic lube it will be shipped in 55 drums along with 80%-90% freight discount.

55 gallon drums weigh 485lbs, shipped motor freight collect.


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