Plastic Softener - 5 gallons

M-F Plastic Softener is now available due to popular demand. M-F Softener allows the fisherman to change any firmness of M-F Liquid Plastic into a softer material to suit his fancy. Softener may also be used as a worm lubricant.

F75 3/4" Faucet is recommended for first time buyers for all 5 gallon containers of M-F Plastics. The faucet is easily installed by hand with virtually no tools once the knock out has been taken out. Save your faucet for your next 5 gallons of M-F Plastic.

Plastic Softener can be used to prevent worms from clinging to each other, facilitate packaging. Also keeps the worms softer and pliable for a lifelike feel.

M-F Plastic Softener is great to use on all aluminum injectors, o-rings and to aluminum molds. Add a few drops in your injector to make the injectors perform smoother with grabbing action, great for safety precautions.

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