Super Soft Plastic - 5 gallons

Super Soft Plastic - 5 gallons - Estimated shipping charges $29.00 each
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Super Soft Plastic - 5 gallons


M-F Super Soft Plastic is softer than Regular Liquid Plastic.

Does not settle out to hard pack, if any settling very soft & easily shook up.

Plastic softener or hardener may be added to change the firmness.



  • This formulation is the easiest to work with for crystal clear and soft baits
  • Formula used for worms, finesse or drop shot baits
  • M-F Plastics have been Phthalate free for over 40 years

F75 3/4" Faucet is recommended for first time buyers for all 5 gallon containers of M-F Plastics. The faucet is easily installed by hand with virtually no tools once the knock out has been taken out.


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