Super Soft Plastic - 55 gallons

Super Soft Plastic - 55 gallons
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  • Item #: 8228SS-55

M-F Super Soft Plastic is softer than Regular Liquid Plastic. Very easy to pour and crystal clear (the orignal crystal clear formula from the 1970).

Does not settle out to hard pack, if any settling very soft & easily shook up.

Plastic softener or hardener may be added to change the firmness.



  • This formulation is the easiest to work with for crystal clear and soft baits
  • Formula used for worms, finesse or drop shot baits
  • M-F Plastics have been Phthalate free for over 40 years


Our 55 gallon drums are shipped in a closed head metal drum with 2 openings. The larger of the 2 openings is a 2" threaded bung. The 2" bung opening accommodates a 2" drum pump which can be inserted and pumped out or a cast iron faucet can be inserted and lay the drum over for sideways dispensing. The smaller opening is a 3/4" threaded bung for ventilation.

Take in consideration bottom line price and when purchasing bulk plastics.

When buying 55 gallon plastics it will be shipped in 55 drums along with 80%-90% freight discounT.

55 gallon drums weigh 485lbs - 55 Liquid Gallons total shipped motor freight collect.

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