About Us


About Us:

Family owned business
since 1970 to current date with knowledge and expertise
from beginning to end process of making finished products with all M-F soft
plastic formulas throughout the 50 plus years in business. Liquid color
formations also started in 1970 with only 6 unique colors available, 1 plastic
formula with original handmade polyester resin open poured molds at this early
stage in “pour your own worms”. Business was started in 2 owner’s garage where the
original name came from, Robert Maserang and Norman Fitzjarrald
the business M-F Manufacturing was started.

A softer version soft plastic was requested in 1980 the original crystal clear
Super Soft Plastic
was formulated and still to date the easiest to use and
best-selling formula for most soft floating baits. All M-F plastic formulas can
be used as a standalone product or mix in combination with all M-F formulas to
suite your needs but we have made all attempt to hit all firmness fisherman request.

Other companies copy and try to duplicate but don’t seem to offer the quality
of name M-F Manufacturing and time tested products. Along with the original soft plastic formulations, new and custom soft formulations over a period of 50 years.

M-F Manufacturing Company, TX 76137

Web-site:   www.PourYourOwnWorms.com

   E-mail:    PourYourOwnWorms@gmail.com